For insurers and self-insurers to operate in the Northern Territory Workers' Compensation Scheme they must be approved by NT WorkSafe.

In deciding whether to give approval the Authority will consider the following factors:

  • the ability of the insurer or self-insurer to provide the necessary insurance service, including its ability to meet time limits imposed by the legislation
  • the likely market share of the insurer and its likely effect on its cost efficiency in supplying the service
  • the financial viability of the insurer or self-insurer, and
  • the insurer's or self-insurer’s ability to provide the statistical and other information required or likely to be required under the legislation.

To ensure consistency of claims service approved insurers and self-insurers must agree to comply with NT WorkSafe’s 'Best practice guidelines for approved insurers and self-insurers'.

Best practice guidelines for approved insurers and self-insurers (pdf 185 kb)

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