Part 7 of the Work Health and Safety (National Uniform Legislation) Act (WHS Act) outlines the rights and responsibilities of union officials using their Work Health and Safety (WHS) entry permit to enter a workplace to exercise the rights as entry permit holders under the WHS Act.

Who is eligible for a WHS entry permit?

To be eligible to be an entry permit holder under the WHS Act, a person must be an official of the union applying for the permit, have completed the prescribed training for WHS entry permit holders and hold an industrial entry permit under the Fair Work Act [section 133].

A WHS entry permit lasts for three years unless revoked earlier, or the holder no longer works for the union that it was issued to under or their 'Fair Work Act' permit is no longer current [section 137].

More information for WHS entry permit holders can be found below:

Entry permit holders

Entry permit holders as at 13 February 2017.

Current WHS entry permit holders are listed below:

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