The following businesses are licensed to remove asbestos under the work health and safety legislation.​

You can use the search functionality to search for an asbestos removalist by asbestos class or company name.

Class A licence

The class A licence allows for removal of friable asbestos, non friable asbestos and any asbestos contaminated dust or debris (ACD).

Class B licence

The class B licence allows for removal of 10 square metres or more of non friable asbestos, like fibro sheets. This licence only allows for removal of the asbestos contaminated dust or debris (ACD) that is directly associated with the removal of non friable asbestos.

Note: If you know the company name you are searching for, the company name field will allow you to enter a keyword such as 'smith' if you are searching for 'john smith and company'. This makes it much quicker for you to search based on the keyword rather than the full company name.