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Safety in the croc industry

A Northern Territory film on safety in the crocodile industry will feature in a series of online safety seminars which has run as part of national Safe Work Month. The film shows the innovative techniques used to reduce the risk from the hazards unique to this industry.

Changes to workers' compensation legislation

Amendments have been made to the Workers' Rehabilitation and Compensation Legislation with the changes commencing on 1 October 2015.

Safety on outback stations

This snapshot of the Northern Territory’s cattle industry features discussion from two station managers about work health and safety improvements that they have implemented, to raise the profile of work health and safety on their cattle stations.

Dial before you dig - www.1100.com.au

Dial Before You Dig is a free national referral service designed to prevent damage and disruption to the vast pipe and cable networks which provides Australia with essential services.

Northern Territory Government

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