Store, sell and possess

You must not store, sell or possess explosives on premises except under and in accordance with the terms and conditions of a licence.

You may store limited quantities of explosives under exemptions listed under Regulation 91 of the Dangerous Goods Regulations 1986.

A person who possesses shopgoods fireworks that are not intended for sale is exempt during an approved period.

Import / export explosives

Under Regulation 5C of the 'Dangerous Goods Regulations', approval must be given by NT WorkSafe before any explosives can be imported or exported into or out of the Northern Territory.

The certificate of approval is valid for 12 months and the certificate of approval number must be included on all 'Notice of arrival - Prescribed explosives' forms submitted to NT WorkSafe.

Authorisation of an explosive

You may request the competent authority to authorise, in accordance with Regulation 5E of the 'Dangerous Goods Regulations', the handling of an explosive or class of explosive.

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