The Electrical Industry includes licensed electrical contractors and electrical workers, including government and Power and Water workers. Electricity is a vital product in modern day society and an inherently dangerous one.

NT WorkSafe has a specialist Electrical Safety Unit that assists electrical contractors and their employees in the industry maintain safety. The Electrical Safety Team also assists electrical contractors to ensure public safety around electrical installations.

Main causes of injuries

In the Northern Territory, the three main causes of injury which resulted in a workers compensation claim being lodged in the Electrical Industry were:

  1. Muscular stress (lifting carrying objects, putting down objects).
  2. Being hit by moving objects.
  3. Falls from a height.

Legislative Requirements

Other legislation administered by NT WorkSafe that impact on this industry include:



Other Information

Licensing Requirements

All electrical industry workers are required to be licensed in the Northern Territory. The Electrical Workers and Contractors Licensing Board are responsible for issuing electrical licences in the Northern Territory.

Certificate of Compliance

It is mandatory in the Northern Territory to document all electrical installation work undertaken by an electrical contractor. The approved form of documentation is the Certificate of Compliance (CoC). Owners of business premises and private residential should request a copy a CoC as proof that the electrical work has been carried out to the appropriate standards and is safe.

Reporting Requirements

It is a requirement under legislation that all workers report incidents of electric shocks to NT WorkSafe. Incidents can be reported by calling 1800 019 115.

The Conduit

The Conduit newsletter is produced by the NT WorkSafe Electrical Safety Unit to provide information and updates to electrical contractors in the Northern Territory.